The Data Encryption Standard was once a predominant symmetric-key algorithm for the encryption of electronic data.Enterprises are undergoing major transformation as they move their information from on-premises systems to the public cloud such as Office 365, Box and Amazon Web Services to increase mobile workforce productivity, improve operational agility, and lower costs. But as information moves out of your hands and into the cloud, it raises concerns about security, privacy and compliance. Symantec Data Loss Prevention (DLP) addresses these issues so you can take advantage of the cloud with control and visibility. It discovers, monitors and protects your confidential data across cloud, mobile and on-premises environments. Unlike other solutions, Symantec DLP is available as an on-premises and hybrid cloud solution enabling flexible deployment and seamless management from a unified platform.

Symantec Data Loss Prevention

The Market-Leading Data Leak Prevention Solution

 Data Loss Prevention

Symantec answers these questions by discovering where data is stored across your cloud, mobile, and on-premises environments; monitoring how it’s being used on and off your corporate network; and protecting it from being leaked or stolen.

 Data Loss Prevention Management and Reporting

As your data spreads across a wider range of applications and devices, the ability to consistently enforce your security and compliance policies becomes even more critical. Symantec DLP’s unified management console makes it easy for you to write policies once and enforce them everywhere, and quickly remediate incidents with automated workflows. It also provides robust reporting tools that give you the ability to make smarter risk decisions and demonstrate the value of DLP.

 Data Loss Prevention for Cloud

For many enterprises, moving on-premises applications to the cloud is a smart way to increase agility and cut costs. But how do you take advantage of the cloud without losing visibility and giving up control? Symantec DLP for Cloud solves this problem by adding robust discovery, monitoring and prevention capabilities for your cloud email and storage including Microsoft Office 365 and Box.

Data Loss Prevention for Endpoint

Although mobile and cloud adoption is accelerating, traditional endpoints continue to serve as a major repository for sensitive corporate information. Symantec DLP for Endpoint keeps all that information safe and protected—by giving you the ability to discover, monitor, and protect data on physical and virtual endpoints, when users are on and off your corporate network.

Data Loss Prevention for Mobile

BYOD is erasing the lines between work and personal life. Today, users simply expect the ability to access sensitive corporate data any time, from any device, over any connection. In fact, 2 out of 5 employees admit to downloading work files to their personal phones and tablets. Symantec DLP for Mobile gives you the visibility and control you need to accelerate the mobile access users want—without putting your information and risk.

Data Loss Prevention for Network

Studies show that about half of all employees regularly email work files to their own personal accounts, so it’s no wonder that email and web are the most common channels for data loss. Symantec DLP for Network can help eliminate this nearly universal problem—by giving you the ability to monitor a wide range of network protocols and prevent both authorized and unauthorized network users from mishandling confidential data.

Data Loss Prevention for Storage

Unstructured data is growing at an alarming rate of 70 percent per year, so it’s not surprising that many organizations struggle to manage and protect it effectively. Symantec DLP for Storage allows you to take control of all your unstructured data, so it never becomes vulnerable to careless employees and malicious attackers.