Consider these aspects while choosing your HCI Infrastructure: 

  1. Operational simplicity – How easy is it to provision resources and solve issues when they arise?
  2. Agility and scalability – How fast can I deploy and optimize the HCI offering? Can I upgrade without disrupting the cluster?
  3. Performance –How well does the HCI platform utilize flash storage and other key resources?  Can performance scale up with cluster size?
  4. Resilience – Does the HCI offer features to ensure greater availability and protection from hardware failures?

Gridstore All-Flash HCI Solution

Gridstore delivers Intelligent Cloud Infrastructure that maximizes simplicity, optimizes workloads, and provides workload mobility. Our All-Flash HyperConverged Infrastructure is easy to deploy and manage, ensures the right performance for each VM, and delivers hybrid cloud infrastructure.


Not only do we support the Microsoft infrastructure including Windows Server 2012 R2, Hyper-V, System Center, and Azure Pack, but at Gridstore we are exclusively dedicated to optimizing Microsoft environments. This dedication means Gridstore is the best platform for Microsoft workloads and the Microsoft Cloud-Inspired Data Center. Gridstore’s HyperConverged Infrastructure is the most efficient, cost effective, and scalable infrastructure for your private cloud deployments.

Gridstore HyperConverged Infrastructure includes compute, storage, and storage networking all in a single system. Start with as few as three nodes and scale up to 256 with over 6PB of all-flash capacity. Organizations looking for the most efficient, high performance, cost effective infrastructure will benefit from Gridstore’s lowered upfront costs, ongoing lowered CAPEX and OPEX, and VM optimization. Virtual Desktop Infrastructure, Private Cloud, Remote Office, SQL Server deployments and more are the use cases Gridstore can demonstrate superior benefits and where our customers see higher performance, lower TCO, and less administrative overhead. Upgrade your data center today with Gridstore HyperConverged Infrastructure!