Arcserve Solution

Minimizing system down me and data loss has never been easier. Whether you protect a single server or thousands of servers, CA ARCserve High Availability provides high availability and continuous data protection (CDP) for Windows®, Linux® and UNIX® environments on both physical and virtual servers—all from a single, unified management console. In addition, you get a single solution for all your Microsoft applications such as Microsoft ® Exchange, SQL Server®, SharePoint® and Internet Information Services (IIS) instead of using different solutions for each application. You can protect other critical third-party and custom applications, too.

Arcserve High Availability helps you:

  • Deliver on business continuity and disaster recovery strategies
  • Reduce system downtime
  • Prevent against data loss
  • Meet demanding—and varied— service level agreements
  • Mitigate risk of lost sales, service, and brand loyalty
  • Boost employee productivity

Arcserve High Availability software offers easy-to-use features that share a common purpose—to keep you up and running.

 How it Works?

The process is simple! CA ARCserve High Availability first synchronizes the data on your Windows, Linux and UNIX Production Server and a second Replica Server (physical or virtual) that you provision locally, at any remote location regardless of distance, and even in the cloud. Alternatively, for Windows environments, you can use the Full System Protection feature to automate the provisioning of your Replica Server (using a virtual server) to speed deployment.

Once synchronized, CA ARCserve High Availability continuously replicates all ongoing changes from your Production Server to the Replica Server. It provides application-aware replication, which means automated configuration and transactional integrity for applications such as Exchange, SQL Server, SharePoint, IIS, Microsoft Dynamics CRM, Oracle and BlackBerry®. You can protect other Windows applications by using the Custom Application Protection wizard or by a simple script. In addition, you can protect Linux and UNIX applications via a simple script.


CA ARCserve High Availability provides real-time server and application monitoring, automatic and push-button failover, automated end-user redirection and push-button failback functionality—all to help reduce system downtime. Unlike complex distributed cluster and storage area network (SAN) replication solutions, you get granular, application-aware protection, recovery and availability for systems and data in a single solution—it doesn’t get easier than that! You may also use the push-button failover feature to proactively fail over to your replica systems before an impending disaster such as a hurricane, blizzard or flood.

Physical and Virtual Server Protection

CA ARCserve High Availability is used to protect data on both physical and virtual servers. VMware ESX and VMware vSphere™ users get VM-level protection with built-in VMware vCenter™ Server High Availability. Microsoft Hyper-V users get both hypervisor and guest-level protection, and Citrix® XenServer users get guest-level protection. You may also use any of these virtual server platforms for your Replica Servers to help reduce BC/DR costs.

Continuous Data Protection (CDP)

The Data Rewind feature, combined with real-time replication, provides integrated Continuous Data Protection (CDP) to complement periodic backup. It also delivers fast data recovery—helping you to meet aggressive recovery point objectives (RPOs) and recovery time objectives (RTOs). Just rewind the data stored on the Replica Server back to any known, good point -in-time and quickly recover lost files, data and databases.

Automated Recovery Testing

CA ARCserve High Availability includes CA ARCserve® Assured Recovery® for automated, non-disruptive recovery testing in Windows Server environments. This enables you to schedule “lights-out” periodic testing of your failover environment without disrupting the production environment or ongoing replication. You can capture your testing history in a report for auditing.

Overcoming Bandwidth Constraints

For bandwidth-constrained and high-latency networks, CA ARCserve High Availability provides wide area network (WAN) optimization features including compression, bandwidth throttling, multi-stream replication, periodic replication and offline synchronization. To help you plan your network needs, you get a built-in bandwidth estimator tool that simulates replication without affecting the production environment.

Storage Independence

Being storage-independent means that your systems and data are protected whatever type of storage you use: direct attached storage (DAS), network attached storage (NAS) and SAN. It also means that no matter what storage you use for your production environment, you may use whatever storage vendor and device you want for your Replica Servers, helping to reduce costs further.

Key Features

CA ARCserve High Availability r16 provides new functionality that expands its value to you and offers additional protection, flexibility and security through the following new features

FULL SYSTEM PROTECTION performs continuous real-time physical-to-virtual (P2V) and virtual-to-virtual (V2V) replication of the Windows operating system, system state, application and data to an offline local or remote VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer or Amazon Web Services (AWS/EC2) virtual server. This feature automatically stands-up the Replica server after automated or push-button failover and redirects end-users. To quickly and easily restore your Production Server, you get Bare Metal Recovery (BMR) failback where you boot a new (physical or virtual) server using the BMR boot image, or the repaired Production Server, and perform non-disruptive reverse synchronization from the Replica Server – with no business downtime. Once resynchronization completes, you reboot the Production Server and redirect end-users. It also makes P2V migration quick and easy.

AMAZON CLOUD (AMAZON WEB SERVICES™ ELASTIC COMPUTE CLOUD (AWS/EC2)) INTEGRATION enables the use of Amazon’s data center and resources for the Replica Server. Using a pubic cloud allows you to benefit from having a remote site with defined service level agreement for BC/DR and you can convert CAPEX to OPEX. You get Full System Protection with continuous system and data replication using virtual cold standby that helps reduce your cloud services cost as you only pay for storage and failover time used.

 SECURE COMMUNICATION provides 128-bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) encryption across the network and to any remote site and cloud without the need for a virtual private network (VPN) or IPSec tunnel, thereby reducing cost and complexity.

 WINDOWS SERVER 2008 FAILOVER CLUSTER SUPPORT complements a Windows failover cluster with replication to any local or remote site, regardless of distance, for disaster recovery. It also eliminates your storage as a single point of failure. Integration with Microsoft System Center Operations Manager makes management faster and easier.

 NETWORK ADDRESS TRANSLATION (NAT) SUPPORT enables remote replication and failover in NAT environment without sacrificing security.

 VMWARE VCENTER SERVER V5 SUPPORT protects the VMware management system and provides fast recovery.